Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp App recensioner

New things need to be added

It would be nice to be able to decorate the inside of your own tent and make the campsite area bigger. I do not spend a lot of time in my camper so it’s kind of pointless for me to decorate. Also would love more locations to go to on the map different places. It’s kind of repetitive new things need to be added.

Fun game with problem

I like it, it’s fun but it never lets me play because of the “internet” it always says “cannot connect to the internet please try again” and when I press retry it just pops up again but other than that it’s a fun game

5 stars Great game!

I just love this game


I love this game so much :D it’s my dream

My review on animal crossing

This game is a nice and calming game it makes me happy to do favors for the characters also I like the Pokémon event I hope you bring it back but snorlax as the Pokémon

Amazing Game!

Animal Crossing is a very amazing game. Especially this type. With all the things you could do, and all the friends you can make, it’s endless fun! It’s a real great time killer. You can be friends with anyone you meet, and that means more people in your contacts, so more people can come over! And nobody is ever rude to you, so this is something you can play whenever you have the time! I decided to play this because I love Animal Crossing! I play almost all of the animal crossing games, this one by far is the best. Keep it up guys! Great work!

It gets boring really quickly

So I’ve been playing the Animal Crossing games for a while now and I just wanna say that this game is just Nintendo trying to get away with the fact that they haven’t released a new Animal Crossing game in 6 years. This game is so boring and I don’t see the same appeal that New Leaf and City Folk brought to the table. Don’t waste your time and just save up to get the real games.

Newcomer Paradise

I’ve always heard great things from the Animal Crossing franchise. This seems to be a fantastic alternative to those willing to try the game to get a taste of what full games on Nintendo hardware are like. I play the game once every 1-4 days, and I’m not sure what it is, but I can never put the game down once I start. It can be hard to come back to, but once you see a new event or a trade deal come along, you’re sure to feel like a true fan in no time.


I love this game, but I’ve been trying to update it for a day now, and it won’t work. When I try to open it, it says there was an error with updating. When I go to the App Store the update button is always loading. Please fix this error.


I love Animal Crossing. I enjoy being able to create my own camp and have many different character/clothing styles. And I love animals, so that’s a plus. However, the only thing I would recommend is maybe adding more places you can travel to? Like maybe a jungle themed area, or a submerged area where you can meet marine animals. Just a suggestion!

Great and fun distraction

I love this game, and it is fun to collect items and everything, but getting animals to your campsite is a bit annoying. Also, there are quite a few paywall timers, so I just end up using a few leaf tickets, which are kind of scarce. Overall, great game.

App problem

My connection is FINE and it keeps giving me connection errors. This is ruining the events greatly.

brilliant, comforting, relaxing game.

this game was so beautifully put together! it isn’t super complicated, and there is so much to do. i find this game helps me in times of anxiety, i can relax and collect shells or fish or help all the cute animals. crafting is very fun, and i love getting new furniture/clothes. my favorite part is opening fortune cookies and seeing what fun prize i receive! the real-time aspect of the game is great, i don’t see many games that have that. to conclude, i love everything about this, and it’s my current obsession. definitely recommend it!

The Game

Is so amazing Word!!!


gud uwu

Add other Nintendo characters?

Loaded this on my daughters iPad and she played it for 10 minutes, picked up some pokeballs, unlocked a decoration and then put it down. We used to play this a lot when it first came out, but not much interest anymore. I think Nintendo missed an opportunity here. They could have added some Pokémon as NPC characters to live in your camp like the other animals. Especially since most of the characters are fantasy creatures anyway. Or let us add other Nintendo franchise characters like Mario or Peach, even just seasonally or for events. PS- I had no idea they added loot boxes to this game (fortune cookies) as a way to get exclusive items. That must be why some people got mad at the game.

Holy Micro-transactions!

Makes me sad I have to do this but 2 out of 5. 2 stars for a fun animal crossing phone game. If there wasn’t as much micro transactions you would get 5. I’ve played the game the day it came out until the end of January because I became bored with it. Don’t get me wrong I’m an animal crossing fanboy I have the Japanese version for the n64 till this one and a bunch of animal crossing items. Anyway I came back about 5 days ago and today I’m realizing that to do anything or get anything somewhat cool in the game, you pretty much need to make a micro transaction.. If the switch version has micro transactions I will give up animal crossing forever...

Pocket camp

I love it

I want my money back

I bought 100 leaf tickets and it took the money out of my account ($4.00) but didn’t give me any tickets. But overall I love the game... I just want my money back.


I’ve been playing since the game came out. It was great at first, but since then it’s gone way downhill. At first, it was challenging and fun to try to gather materials and decorate your camp. Now, the camps are too small to contain even 1/10th of the items I have collected. Also, about 80-90% of special items cost an outrageous amount of leaf tickets, which can only be obtained rarely through challenges or bought with money. You obtain MAYBE 50 leaf tickets per month for these items. However, the items expire after a certain amount of days, which pushes you to make purchases. For example, one of the items I really want costs 350 leaf tickets, which would cost me roughly $10-$20 for just one pixelated item. The “fortune cookies” are another example of limited-time items that can only be purchased with leaf tickets, and even when you do purchase one, the items are randomly generated. Say you wanted a dress, it’s possible to get 10 hats before you ever see the dress. The game started out wholesome and fun, but ever since, it turned into just another micro purchase game. Very disappointed.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

If you are an Animal Crossing fan then this is the perfect game.

Happy home designer

I think it would be a great idea if the made happy home designer mobile. I love that game so much and I really wish it was mobile and easier. You could just make people pay the same price as much it is on the DS. It would really make my my day if HHD came out on mobile!

Thank you Animal Crossing

I love all the Animal Crossing games, and this one is so cute! I think this is an amazing game that is worth your time.

Best game ever

I have been playing this game ever since it came out in this game is just full of amazing surprise is the most recent one being a crossover with Pokémon collecting poke ball objects is so much fun I hope the Pokémon furniture gets added to the Nintendo switch game because I will get it from Tom nooks in a heartbeat Even though we have just EV could we please get Pikachu furniture because that would be a dream come true PS please add more locations to drive to in pocket camp I want to explore more of the animal crossing world

keeps deleting my bad reviews

im still really upset they make you pay money to play this game. its not required technically but they release new updates with special limited edition items that you can ONLY get by spending lead tickets. and ive been saving tickets for over a month and only now have 300.... the item i was saving for is 350 AND they have released several more items that are also limited time only and also cost tickets so its really crappy. to get all the limited time things you really need to spend real money which im not going to do so o cant fully enjoy this game :/ it breaks my heart cause ive been playing animal crossing since gamecube. also im pretty sure there are fake reviews on here. the top review LITERALLY says ‘honest review’ and then the name of the person is just a bunch of jumbled numbers and letters. i think the LEAST they can do is make it easier to get leaf tickets in game.

I love it!!

I love it. I think it’s perfect for all children 3+ And it’s not laggy for me at all! Love the graphics and I think bananamil crossing is amazing! Greatly appreciated

I love it

It was my Favorite game.

Can’t wait till it’s on switch!

Fav game, on all electionics! Ima be first to buy on switch

Absolutely love this game but...

So I am playing animal crossing pocket camp. And I had the thought of sending friends gifts like in past games. Then maybe getting a few bells in return. Please think about it! I’m a thirteen year old and I’m kind of a gaming junkie and love to see updates and improvements! Also maybe you could add other characters besides Eevee to the Pokémon quests in the game! I hope you see this! Sincerely, Anonymous 😊

Love It! But problem with Amenities?

I love Animal Crossing Pocket Camp! I’ve played all the AC games, actually, and I like how no strings attached and easy going Pocket Camp is. It gives you enough to do but not too much that you’re playing for hours and hours on end. I do have an issue though with the amenities that you can put on your campsite—once you max out the tent or bouncy house, etc, you can’t put it back on your campsite once you take it off!! Why aren’t the amenities treated like furniture once maxed out? I think this is a flaw and that it should be fixed.


I’m so happy that there’s a mobile version of animal crossing, it’s a dream come true! I love just about everything in this game. The only thing I’d like is to be able to draw out custom design clothes like you can in new leaf! And add a qr scanner so we can import our designs from new leaf into pocket camp. That would be great, it’s the only thing I’d change about the game because my favorite part about new leaf is being able to make custom designs. I’d love to see that in pocket camp!

Reduces stress

I’ve always loved Animal Crossing. I love this version too. I like that it’s accessible on my iPad and iPhone. Now I don’t have to carry all my electronics Incase I want to play a game. Animal Crossing is a great tool to relieve stress. It lets you escape to a sweet innocent little world where everyone love each other. The tasks help take your mind off worries for a little while. Kinda helps your brain reboot in a better mood.

My favorite game!

I have played Animal Crossing for as long as I can remember! The phone version is amazing, you get all you want out of the other versions plus more. Sometimes I will get burnt out of the game on my DS because it is the same old thing each time I play, but with this version that is not the case. Since they can update it whenever they want you get so much out of it, new items all the time and fun events!

Events are the Best Part

I’ve always loved this series. I’m so happy that this feels like their normal content, just in an app setting. The characters, their dialogue, the furniture. I love it all. I’m currently level 85 and I don’t play every day. I have been playing since day 1, but I take breaks when I feel the need to. I always come back for the events. They are a lot of fun. The goals and prizes are fun to achieve and collect.

Amazing game!!!

I’m in the level 40’s, and I love the game so much!

I love this game but

I love this game it’s like your on a trip camping and fishing plus meeting new friends but it has So menu updates so I can’t playas much

Pretty good

I love the 3ds game and this version too ❤️

Slow paced fun

If you just want something to do with your hands and don’t want anything high stress or convoluted to pass time with this is the app for you. I use this app to help with my anxiety when things get too overwhelming it’s nice to just play and talk to the characters. I like that it doesn’t penalize you for skipping days of playing.

Lovvve pocket camp


Love it

They really out did themselves on this app... loved the wii version and was sad when my wii broke. But now, I’m level 61 on this game so far so yes I love it, and they also have fun events to do too. It’s wonderful. Big fan.

Add more levels to tents

The app developers should add another level to each type of tent. Start with cute and maybe make it a playground. And then go on to another essence. Make all the animals have a max of 30 add a few new animals for each essence. That would be perfect. We also don’t want to get to the point where we have maxed out essence so this would prevent that.

Need more friends for this cutest game!

It’s a great game that Nintendo has on mobile ❤️❤️❤️ And I need more friends!! Here’s my ID: 74822915634

Cookies and leaf tickets

Villager cookies are great and very popular but the fact that each cookie is chosen by random with rates applied to each item makes it unfair. Having to spend time and some times real money on leaf tickets only to purchase villeger cookies and get duplicates again and again. Cookies should work like Fishing tourney rewards- random but no duplicates until you have each item. Leaf tickets get harder and harder to get the longer you play the game so it’s unfair and frustrating that more dedicated players aren’t rewarded.

Animal Crossing friend code

My game name is bunny and this is my Friend code: 64890531919 Hopefully I’ll get a bunch! By the way I absolutely Love this app! I’ve been playing animal crossing games for a very long time and now that they have it on mobile is even better!!!!

Unstable and Money-Drive

While there’s some fun, there are a lot of issues. Worst of all is the constant connectivity problems that I don’t have with any other game. It constantly times out and crashes back to the start screen. Second worst is that too much requires leaf tokens and the only way to get them in sufficient quantity is to spend money. And if you want fortune cookies that will cost you a LOT of money. Without spending money it’s pretty badly gimped.

Pay to Play

I played this game every day until just last week. Nintendo got too greedy, and I got frustrated. Once they came out with Halloween items, I knew I wanted all of it, and it could easily get to be over $100 to get it all since they use loot boxes. I’m really sad about it since I love the original Animal Crossing.


I just love it so much it is so fun and you can play it and play it and play it and it will never end.❤️💕😄😍😊☺️


Oh My God I Can Not Even Express My Love For This Game. It’s Like Srsly Super Fun I Play This Everyday!! (🌟 Keep Doing More Nintendo, Keep Doing More🌟)

PLEASE add a SAVE for camp layouts!!!!

I love this game so much, I’ve been playing it every single day since it came out. The only request I have is that there is some sort of save option for your camp’s layouts!! So whenever you want to change it up, you can have a page of saved layouts so it’s easy to go back and forth to them, rather than having to entirely remake the camp from the beginning.... I know that hasn’t ever been an option in animal crossing, but I think it would be such a huge step forward. It saves time and allows players to constantly make new layouts with other furniture they’ve been wanting to put out. I know I personally feel reluctant to entirely refurnishing my camp because I really like the way it looks. But if I could save it and reload it whenever I want, I could have multiple camp layouts to choose from. Please include this in a future update, it would make the game 10x more enjoyable!! Thank you!

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