Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp App Reviews

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Rover’s butterflies are a pain to catch!

Catching winter butterflies for Rover is so freakin frustrating that it’s making me wanna abandon, not just the challenge, but the whole game itself. I don’t understand why they have to make it so hard. And why does it take forever to complete the amenities. The animals can’t use them and 99% of the time, one amenity is under construction. This makes the camp look ugly no matter how much you try to pretty it up. I’d give the game 5 stars if they can correct these issues. For now, 2 stars is more than generous.


Not enough sex....

Obviously pay to play

I really loved this game when it came out. Now we have an event where they have made it impossible to get prizes.

Update wouldn't load and deleted all game data

The game kept telling me I needed to update to the most recent version, though the update had already been done. As with all other apps, I deleted and downloaded again. ALL GAME DATA WAS ERASED AND I HAD TO START FROM THE BEGINNING!!! This is not the type of thing that I have come to expect from Nintendo. I am extremely disappointed and not at all happy. Not ok!


This was my favorite game as a kid and now it’s my favorite game as an adult.


Best game ever!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😉

Love it!

When I saw the words” Animal Crossing!” I became ecstatic! This game has absolute perfect graphics. The only touch up I would make is to make shadows better. I was hoping for a actual game like Animal Crossing New Leaf or Animal Crossing wild world. But if that type of 3ds game comes to App Store, that would be great. I understand that if that occurred, that this game would no longer be popular for quite some time. I also under stand that this is a new game so it hasn’t reached everyone’s expectations. Only thing I would fix are the shadows and the connection error warning that I get bugged by that pops up almost every other time it loads. Otherwise I would add some mini games like I or everybody else did when it downloaded its second in-game update. If you are looking at reviews before purchasing, please continue reading. WARNING: this game takes up 199 MB. If you don’t want this app to take up too much room on your device’s memory, I do not recommend downloading.

Good for phone version :)

I’ve been playing this game for a little while now before doing a review. I personally think the game has been made well into a phone version. There are just certain things you would expect that come along with it being mobile. I’m not bothered by the leaf tickets because they aren’t necessary to enjoy the game but rather they make things more convenient and quicker. Im excited by the upcoming updates and am looking forward to more, so far the previous little events have been very cute and fun. I hope to see events continue regularly, as it is one of the big things I look forward to and keeps me extra amused. Will there be an option to expand your camp more (Unless I’m somehow missing it already there)? No complaints from me so far! Very well done for a mobile version ^_^

Best game ever

I love this !!! Thank you for this game app! It's been months and I'm still playing this everyday!! Loving the updates !!! ❤️❤️❤️

Frustrating update!

I love the game and enjoy playing it but it keeps telling to get the latest update then when I go to the App Store it says it’s up to date!

My favorite game ever! However...

I love Animal Crossing! It is my favorite game ever! However, every time I stopped playing it in the past (each previous version or games), it was due to the randomness, the over-difficult tasks (like the new butterflies, that are imposible to catch), and the lack of achievement. I hope the company keeps improving this game so I do not stop playing it, because is my favorite game ever, so far.

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

This game has lots of fun stuff to do. You can meet new friends, you can decorate your camp site, and have fun with your friends!

It’s such an amazing game!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is probably my favorite mobile game of all time due to it being highly entertaining for me every time I open the app. I mean, honestly I don’t think I have ever been so invested on a mobile game before either. I just love how cute it is! I also really like how well-made the game is and how even though there are in-app purchases, you aren’t obligated to buy much because leaf tickets aren’t too difficult to get. I also like how you have to wait a while for items to finish crafting, for different villagers to show up, for being able to do new requests, etc. Because that way I know when to take a break from the game. Finally, aside from it being very good, i would really like it if you added more clothing options to the game and maybe a feature in which you can design your own clothing and/or be able to use QR codes to get custom clothing designs from New Leaf if possible. Also maybe a feature in which you can give items to friends or trade with your friends.

This game is awesome!

This game is adorable and cute! I play it all the time! I love the game!!!!


This is a very fun game with a lot of mini games inside of it. Like quests, fishing, butterfly catching, and many more! The only things is it is hard to find your ID number which is how you add friends.

Won’t let me play

Love this distraction game. Today I got a message I can’t play anymore until I update. There are NO updates!

I cant even get it to work

This app won’t even load (it quits 5 seconds after opening it)

A 5 star game has been ruined

Was a great game to start, but it’s clearly become a cash grab by Nintendo. Did you learn nothing from EA? The current event is impossible without spending literally $40 a day.

Depressing ~ PAY TO PLAY!

I absolutely LOVE the Animal Crossing franchise, but NOT this app. It is mundane and boring. The best part about the app was the previews. The events are very time consuming and tedious unless you purchase leaf tickets with real money. You do not interact with the greedy visiting camper. All you do is fetch them a ridiculous amount of items for little in return. I expected a great app and was let down with this one.

Frustrated and close to deleting the game

I have been playing this game since the app became available and have been faithfully playing it daily and set my normal games aside. Since this latest event of catching butterflies in the garden began, I have lost interest. When it takes such an effort to get seeds, plant the seeds, catch the butterflies in the garden, and then harvest the plants to repeat this cycle, you would think capturing the butterflies would be a bit more obtainable. Instead, the chance of capturing them is less than 40%. For example, I had 7 to try to capture and caught only 1. When I use the capture all option it is even less of a success rate. Finding it frustrating to put so much effort into the Garden and not get a better return.

I am a fan of animal crossing since the days of GameCube

Let me start by saying I really like the animal crossing games. It is great that I can now play this on my phone or tablet. There are some issues that I am experiencing. When I hit level 15, with an animal, I am not able to invite that animal to my campsite if I have previously sent them away. Then I am not able to craft the level 15 item they would request. Plus, I do not have animals coming and going at my campsite. It seems once they are invited they do not leave unless I send them away. If I meet the level 10-15 animal on the map sites it does not allow me to ask them about the level 10-15 item unless they go to my campsite but the call button is not available with that animal. The call button is available for recreation site but not the campsite. Too bad only 8 animals are allowed at the campsite but once I have all Animals I have learned I should have leveled them to 15 before sending them away. That way I could have crafted the special request furniture. Now I do not know how I will get those unless the developers make a change in that.


Says I need to update but no update available

Loved this game until part 2 of the garden event

Animal Crossing is no longer the peaceful way to spend time it has been up until now. The incredibly low rate of winter butterfly spawns, combined with the even lower chance of capture, has made this event both frustrating and stressful. Is the idea to get us spending money on leaf tickets? 10 tickets for a single catch?? Because it’s not working — it’s just making me play the game a lot less.


I love it but... #where is mario galaxy 3

I love this so far

I love Animal Crossing and am so happy to be able to play it on my phone! I missed out on New Leaf because I didn't have a 3DS. I think the devs did their best to summarize the normal AC games. A much shorter and faster version- definitely not quite the same but it captures some of the magic. I appreciate that they do frequent updates and announcements on the game. It's also great to try playing in different languages :) Edit: I lowered my rating by one star because I really don't like the new gardening feature. It feels very "FarmVille-y" and is making me very bored and impatient with the game. The latest competition makes me feel like I have to constantly play and do repetitive tasks to keep up, and it's burning me out. Ain't got time for dis.

I Hate Butterflies!

Well, the event ones anyways. If you asked me to rate this game before this garden safari event, I would have easily given this game 5 stars. It is a fun time waster and really holds true to the series. HOWEVER, THIS EVENT IS NOT FUN ONE BIT!!!! Seriously, they ask you to plant flowers that are difficult to get, plant them in a very slow growing garden, then throw in low success rng to see if you can catch the butterflies. My last batch of 20 flowers gave me 8 butterflies and I caught... 0. 3 hours for no butterflies. Fine, if this wasn’t a timed event, then you could pull that, but not when we only have 5 days to do this. “But wait”, the developers said, “You can pay us to guarantee you can catch them!” At 10 tickets a pop? Way overpriced. I mean, I could understand if the droprate was better, but a lot of people are having this issue. If they learn from this event, then I say this game is great, if they pull this stunt again, then maybe you should pick another time waster.


Yo. I love this game, but this butterfly event is bogus. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to complete. I have to waiting for over two hours for flowers to bloom, only half of those flowers have butterflies, and then you can only catch about 3 of them without leaf tickets. Please change this so it’s easier to catch the butterflies or extend the event for the next 3 months.

Awesome app

I think it is great because you get to host your own campsite I love it❤️❤️❤️


Download this if you don't want a life bc you'll play everyday

Rover Event Completely Unenjoyable.

The second half of the Rover event is horrendously unfun and a transparent attempt to get people to buy and use leaf tickets. This is not the way to get people to spend money. I was fine with the leaf tickets for Tom Nook or KK Slider, and would be fine if you guys added more characters like that for cash, I’d honesty pay a few bucks for Blathers or someone but no one is paying $5 for a rocking chair. I really liked the game until this point too :/

Needs more directions

I love the game but can’t figure out how to get different floweres. The only seasonal flower I can get it the blue one and I’ve tried everything to try and get a new color flower but can’t cross pollinate can’t buy a new color and even when I water or share butterflies or water others plants I don’t get anything for it. Maybe that’s a bug problem needing a fix?

Loan problems

Every time I try to pay my loan off it lets me pay it but when I close the app and play later my loan balance never goes down! It just keeps taking my coins... like I never paid it.


Nothing to complain about. Everything runs great. The graphics are great. Everything is 10/10

Where’s the update??

I’m so excited for the updateeeeee I wanna dress up my animallllssss 😁😁


Whenever The app updates i have to wait like a week to get to play it but i still like this game so five stars

Great game ruined by terrible events

The game was great until the latest event which turned it into the most frustrating experience I’ve had with a mobile game ever before, Surprised to see how Nintendo would allow for their IPs to be misrepresented like this.


This is the best app ever!!!

Great game but unable to access after update

I love this game unfortunately, after this most recent update on 1/16 I can no longer get into the game. A message pops up that tells me to update to the latest version, but according to the App Store I have updated. Please fix this issue soon!


Every time I try to play this game on my iPhone X, it says “game is not updated, please check the App Store” but when I go to the App Store, it says that it is updated and that I can open the game. This just started happening within the past 2 days so I am hoping it’s just a glitch.

New update

I tried to open the game and it told me there was an update, I click on the button to take me to the App Store and no update is required. I go back into my game and it has kicked me out of my account and and made me start over. There is no way to restore my data.

Just as addictive as it was on GameCube.

I lived this game when it came out on game cube. It’s adorable, it’s fun, and well made. They are updating often and adding new features regularly. Highly recommend.


The updates are fantastic! You guys really listen to your fans. I really like playing this mobile game a lot. Keep up the great work. 👍🏻


It won’t let me in the app even after I updated it keeps saying that “update to the new version” thing

What Fun

Waiting and waiting for this game to come back. Enjoyed the original but never made it to the Wiiu or switch which I would rather of had but this app works perfect for me. Would enjoy to do away with the camper and would rather have larger land to decorate. Great fun. Can’t wait for more updates.

Family Fun

My husband, my 16 year old, and I play this game together! My son got his first animal crossing game many years ago, and he has had every version since then! It’s so sweet and innocent and it’s still engaging! We all like New Leaf better because there is more that you can do, but this is pretty good for an iPhone game! :) We’ve has to give ourselves time limits!


I like

I love this game!

This is one of the most cute & fun games. I love it!

Awesome :)

This mobile version of AC is so fun and cute ^-^ and the lil animals are even nicer than they were in the original games X) so playing this almost always alleviates a bad mood. None the factors that can usually ruin an otherwise good mobile game are an issue in Pocket Camp, promotion of micro-transactions is not intrusive at all and it runs perfectly smoothly without any bugs or lengthy loading times or anything. I'm so excited for the update! New fish and multiple rugs yessssss


I updated this game. But I’m constantly updating. Why???

Recent update

I cannot open the app, it tells me I need to update yet I have the most recent update. Fix your app or I’m gonna delete this app.

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