Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp App Reviews

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Very cute and fun!

I love this game and I really enjoy it! It’s very cute and unique, and the consistent updates and events keep things exciting. However, the reason I wanted to write this review was to make a few suggestions. Primarily, I think that adding art to the furniture you can collect would be wonderful, because it would make decorating your camper and campsite more colorful. Another thing that would improve the gameplay is having some sort of bank to store bells. It would be very convenient to have something like the function where you repay loans. Lastly, some sort of new place on the map would be fantastic. Perhaps something that has mini games, similar to the island in animal crossing new leaf? Overall, the game is fantastic and very high quality for a mobile app! It’s one of my favorites for sure.

I love this game!

I’m going to start by saying this: I have never played an animal crossing game before Pocket Camp. However, pocket camp had gotten me to want to play the original version(s) of animal crossing! I love the events they hold and the new animals they release, but there are a few things I wish I was able to do. I wish there was a way to interact with amenities, I think this would make me want to visit friends’ campsites. I also wish we maybe had a new island or something to visit. I like to play the game a lot throughout the day (especially when I’m on my lunch breaks), and I think I would spend more time on the game if there was a fourth destination I could visit. This would also allow users to experience more characters. It would also be nice for the events to be a bit longer, as sometimes you have to be on the game constantly to win the cooler, bigger prizes that really only come with investing A LOT of time in the game. But other than that, I love it! It’s relaxing, and it’s a fun way to waste extra time. I love playing this game when I have some downtime throughout the day.

Best game ever

This game is so fun. I have animal crossing new leaf, so I got this game to try, and I loved it! I would recommend this to anybody.


This game is so amazing!!! I love it, it is my favorite game ever especially if you are familiar with new leaf

Childhood Game

This was my favorite game on the DS as a kid. I was so stoked to find out it was on mobile. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Fortune cookies are trash

I absolutely love this app for many reasons. There’s tons to customize, tons of characters, tons of items, tons of events, and tons of new updates. What’s not to love? Well, there’s a couple things. The first is Gulliver. If you don’t give him rare furniture, you barely get anything out of it. So, you have to pick out 10 pieces of uncommon/rare furniture in order to get around 4 snacks. It is 100% not worth it. I think that Gulliver should reward snacks, bells, materials, AND LEAF TICKETS. Because most “good” or “great” furniture costs a lot of materials, bells, and leaf tickets. I also think we should be able to give him creatures, fruit, and shells rather than just clothing and furniture. Or just give us the option to sell furniture!! Regardless, I will not be using Gulliver until the reward is actually worth the items that I’m trading. The second reason is the wigs. Stop making them! They’re very pretty and cute but you literally can’t put any accessories on them because they are considered their own accessory. MAKE MORE HAIRSTYLES INSTEAD OF WIGS! There are tons of clothes and accessories to choose from except hair! Why?! This makes no sense. Please fix this soon. Lastly, the demand for leaf tickets has gone way up. Ever since fortune cookies were introduced, there has been a huge need for leaf tickets. Fortune cookies are so expensive and you usually get the same item you already have. It’s VERY unusual to get something that you don’t already have. So, you spend tons of money on leaf tickets and end up with 10 of the same item. So stupid. Obviously, this is a money making scheme. It’s gotten ridiculous. Every event, there are tons of items that can’t be obtained without leaf tickets. So, you have to pay quite a bit in order to get all the items in a set. It’s very disappointing. It seems to be getting worse. ALSO, why are you only selling certain fortune cookies at a time? I’ve been waiting like 2 months for the rocket fortune cookies to come back and they still aren’t here. What’s the point in releasing a ton of fortune cookies if you can only buy like 4 specific ones for months at a time?! I don’t even like the ones that are for sale right now! Please let all the fortune cookies be available at one time. And now they’re doing “buy 5 fortune cookies for literally one extra stamp”. How much are they you ask? 250 leaf tickets for 5 freaking fortune cookies. AND YOU USUALLY GET THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER. For example, I had over 10 regular fortune cookies saved up from requests. I opened all of them and not ONE was rare. I literally had every item already. So please tell me why anyone would want to actually buy 5 at a time for 250 leaf tickets when it’s pretty much a huge waste? Other than all that, I would 100% recommend this app. But it definitely needs improvement.

Don’t buy dis

Just don’t...............

Just get it you know you are

This app is everything you want and very addicting. Yes the error screens are very distracting but I know will improve overtime. I am a person is a rarely addicted to apps and putting animal crossing on my phone is just what I needed. The only problem I have is TOO MANY EVENTS, it stresses me much I’ve deleted the app TWICE

garden glitch

great game theres a glitch that needs to be fixed where i spawn in gardens and the characters just spins in circles until i close the app completely, no control over the screen at all, loading was regular and this has happened multiple times in mine and friends gardens

Yay Yes Good Game 👍 👌

Yesssssssss GET THE GAME‼️ 🤩

Very noice but just one little thing...

Ok so in all events, fortune cookie items and all other, there’s rarely boy clothing appearing, just maybe you guys can add more boy clothes to the game it’s something ppl have been talking alot on Instagram lately

Fortune Cookies are too Expensive!

For the most part, this is a five star game. Great mobile version of a series I love. However I felt the need to remove a star due to Fortune Cookies. (I am trying to give constructive feedback, so bear with me.) These Fortune Cookies have awesome items contained in them. The problem is they are expensive (in real world money). They require “Leaf Tickets” to purchase and cannot be bought with in-game money a majority of the time. This means to really get more than one Cookie or so every week means you need to spend $4, more or less. (As a note: there is no clean option to get EXACTLY 50 Leaf Tickets. They make you either be 5 Leaf Tickets short for $2 or spend $4 for 100.) The other problem is all items are random chance, meaning you can spend a lot of money getting duplicate items that you already have. One person online estimated it costed about $80 to get a full set of items from a Cookie due to duplicates. Even if this is $40 or so dollars off, this is a pretty ridiculous amount of money for a mobile game. To balance this issue I suggest either: 1. Lower the cost of the Cookies to 20 Leaf Tickets instead of 50. 2. Get rid of the duplication mechanic. If I could buy a Cookie every time and know I would get one of every item, I would be inclined to spend MORE money. Then I would be happy with duplicates after I got a full set. Personally I just think it is most worthwhile to get rid of the duplicates. As for why this is important; Nintendo is making new items for these Fortune Cookies. It means they are putting effort into these items. It doesn’t do any good if no one buys them, or players get building resentment for something that should be easily resolved. As a player that has paid, and a long time Animal Crossing fan please please fix this issue! It greatly diminishes the fun this game has to offer!!!


LOVE this game! I played Wild World growing up as a child and it was a massive part of my childhood, so presumably when this app was rumored to happen I was ecstatic! And I am very happy with the result! It is fun and addicting and makes you keep coming back. It keeps the original art style and most of the characters but some new ones as well! You can do most everything you did in the originals as well but MY ONLY SUGGESTION OR IN OTHER WORDS I BEG YOU TO DO THIS BECAUSE IT WOULD BE PERFECT THEN....please make it so we can expand our campsite with more rooms and such!! Or at least the camper! Like back when we could pay a mortgage and expand our house in the originals! I want this so we can be more creative and use more furniture themes in our lives!! Much love from a long time player!! Xo

Best Game Ever🙌🏻😍😁!!

I saw that this game came out a while ago, and I knew I just had to get it. However, when I went to the App Store and pressed the buy button, it said “This game is not compatible with your device”. I had an IPhone 5. I was so sad and so many of my friends were playing it😭! Yesterday (July 17th) was my 16th birthday and my parents gifted me with an IPhone 8!!!!!! The very first thing I did when I got home, was download Animal Crossing😊! I am a very new player, and I haven’t even reached level 3 yet. But I have to say that Animal Crossing is probably the most fun game app that I have ever played on my phone! Here are some of the many things I love about the game: -You get to customize your personal avatar. -The characters are absolutely adorable. -You can form friendships with game characters. As you fill requests, chat, and build their happiness, you can level up your friendships. -You can customize your campsite and eventually invite your friends to stay there. -There are many different currencies. So once you run out of one, you don’t have to put your playing on hold. If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read my extremely long review. I recommend this game to everybody; no matter your age! So go press that download button, and start playing the best game app ever!!!

Needs to have those special fortune cookies in stores at anytime a day and be there everyday

So I got Whitney’s fortune cookie and then today it says I can’t get it again or any other fortune cookies so please fix that and well I will be the happiest margraté ever


Why can’t our character go in the tent. I mean like that is what tents are for right.

Fun, but...

I had a great time playing the game for the first but after I closed the app and tried to open it again the next day it kept having errors. I’m connected to a good source of WiFi and I don’t know how to fix the problem. I had a great time playing and would love to play again but it won’t let me even open the app...

Cute AC Title, but Lacking

Like most reviewers, I have played previous Animal Crossing games and enjoyed them immensely. While this game has the Animal Crossing title, it lacks the charm of its predecessors. Time and space limits on furniture crafting gets tedious, the lock on animal levels stunts gameplay, and the OK Motors team feels really out of place. I hardly ever go into my camper and it’s a waste updating and decorating it. I believe the Brake Tapper game is a worthless and predatory addition to the title as it simulates slot machine-style gambling aimed at children (this game is rated for people ages 4+). I don’t even bother with the “special” fortune cookies because I see the game has already taken a lot of heat for stacking the odds against the player. I realize apps/pocket gaming isn’t meant to replicate playing on a console, but with that said, this one falls into a category that baits the player to spend, spend, spend. I don’t mind paying a flat rate for a game, but dumping an endless amount of money into any game is foolish. I can already see once a player gets into the higher levels it’s going to be more difficult to meet goals and make the animals happy. With all that said, it’s a solid 3-Star game for me. It’s cute and I enjoy seeing some old animal friends. I’m glad the franchise has stayed true to their personalities.

Is there any Land Expansions coming soon?

You’re still succeeding Nintendo! Love love love the Pocket Camp game. It makes playing animal crossing with your friends like the gold ole days so much easier.


This game is so awesome and it’s the game I’ve been waiting for.since New Leaf!!

Take to long

Love playing this game, but the level up for the amenities 72 hours is ridiculous, bad enough 42 hours to build, I don’t get it neither, you gotta build one to max 5 ????? Really other much better improvements

More Variety!

I love this game! It’s so sweet and definitely is reminiscent of childhood. While this may be slightly silly, in the DS games, the variety of fish and bugs one could catch was so much larger! There were crazy moths and sharks and I also really adored the fossil hunting/treasure digging escapades. I would be incredibly stoked to see more updates in which there are super cool fish/bugs to catch. Additionally, more locations! It always motivates me in a game when there are places locked until a certain level, and there are SO many fun locations that could be added.

My review

It’s amazing!! I just wish it was not like the other games where you need stuff and more like pocket home


love the game but would love to have a land expansion

What I think about pocket camp

I love it so much


❤️❤️❤️ just read the title! I love it 😍

Keeps crashing



Absolutely love this game!!!!! Grew up playing this as a child on the game cube. So having to be able to play it on my phone is even better!!! Everything is just as I remembered and they are just as cute as ever!!!! Love, love this game!!! Thank you for creating it!!!!!! P.s. I do think explaining the map and adding more tasks could go a very long way. It’s fun running around getting what they want. However, if we expand the map more, people can never run out of tasks. Another thing is, I would like to decorate my tent as well like we did the homes on the game before. I like decorating my camper but I would love to do both so I can have variety of options of where I want to be last. Thank you!

Animal Crossing is a AWESOME game!!!

By the way Animal Crossing is a very fun game but there are a few things that Nintendo should fix like 1. In New Leaf you can shake trees which sometimes will drop something like a beehive but in Pocket Camp you can only shake fruit trees and have them drop fruit so that’s one thing they should fix/add. 2. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has a ton of stuff that’s new to the series like the events but I think a lot of people would like it if Nintendo added some new features and old features from previous Animal Crossing games. That’s it for this review bye


This game is amazing!!!! I just love how u can get so many cool things!!

Please add

Not bad reviews!! But one thing i ask please add pets that will follow you around!


This game made me sad :(

Nothing short of Amazing

The developers have gone to the next level with AC. I love the game and I love that the developers pay attention to consumers wants and needs with AC! I wish there were some easier ways to get furniture from events that go too quickly. Otherwise I have no complaints. I’ve been an Animal Crossing lover since it first debuted on the game cube. Keep making the game better, I’ll stick around for sure!


Amazing! Keeps me entertained

Good potential but...

I’ve always loved Animal Crossing so when Animal Crossing Pocket Camp came out, I downloaded it immediately. I’ve enjoyed it so far but I highly dislike the freemium game tasks that require you to have Leaf Tickets to participate. These tasks keep you from reaching the best rewards simply because you don’t use real money to buy more Leaf Tickets. I am also very upset that I haven’t been able to unlock my favorite character, Fauna, yet. I’m at level 41 and everyone else I’ve spoke to has already unlocked Fauna. I don’t understand why other players are able to access features that I don’t have even when my level supersedes their own.

some bugs but i love this game!!

i adore this game with all of my heart! it would be awesome if the ‘ok motors’ game could be fixed! it doesn’t ‘count’ all of the caps you’ve earned, only the caps youve earned in that one session, and it doesnt allow you to trade your caps for anything. if this could be fixed i would be so happy!

🌹My favorite game! With some needed feedback.🌹

Please add a trading system!✨ •10-20 leaf tickets to request a trade. The two players will have to accept for the trade to complete. Something similar to the trade system in the Pokémon games. This would both keep leaf tickets relevant and encourage players to acquire rare items they missed out on. •Message Board Furniture: So players can interact with each other. With the board being a furniture item, the player has a choice in deciding to communicate with other players. •More diverse hair textures.


BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! I play every day! It sometimes keeps me up late at night😊 What I’d really like to see is some upgrades, though; for example changing the music every hour. The hourly music gets kinda boring all day. And adding an extra island would be SUPER cool. And of course adding my favorite villager Peggy would make the game a 10 rather than a 9.999999. But I love love love this game!!!!!


This game is seriously the best. I’m currently at level 97 and still get excited to “check-in” basically everyday. It’s just challenging enough that’s it’s still engaging, but not difficult in a way that makes you want to quit playing in frustration. Love it. Thanks, Nintendo!

Fortune cookies

I love the game but the only thing I don't like is that I can get the same thing twice when I buy the fortune cookies. It takes me forever to get leaf tickets and when I finally have enough to buy the cookie it's like waisted because I got the same thing. Especially with the stitches patch cookie ending, I really want all of the prizes but I can't because now I don't have anymore leaf tickets..

Bit Ridiculous

It’s a good game and all, but... •You shouldn’t need WiFi nor Cellular Data on to play this game. Unless interacting with real people and not CPUs. •Also, it’s supposed to be a campsite, not a house or carnival. What campsites have you been with merry go rounds? None? I thought so. Might as well just make it Animal Crossing: New Leaf but for mobile.

Best game ever!

This is officially my favorite game! There are no ads to interrupt, and I have enjoyed hours of nonstop fun.

i love it but

i really enjoy this game but i wish we had more room to decorate

Everything is good but...

I'm a Korean user, everything is fine but I wish there has the Korean language for the Korean... Except for that, I love it:))

Great game!

This is a great game! I especially love the events. Here is my feedback: It’s impossible to progress in the flower events past the first round because after that, the bugs either don’t appear as often or it’s like a 20 percent catch rate. I have just about given up in the sunflower event. It would be great if we got the essence every time we update a friendship. There have been too many instances where I will use up my snacks or other items to upgrade my friendship and all I get is sparkle stones. I have so many sparkle stones I don’t know what to do with! Yet, the essences are hard to come by. The backgrounds for the campground are too expensive. I do appreciate that we have opportunities to gain leaf tickets but 250 tickets for a background for only PART of it is too expensive. I just accidentally spent 150 for the birch tree background thinking it was for the whole thing, yet, it was just a small part. If I went the rest, I have to spend 250 tickets plus. That’s more than 400 tickers! Too expensive.

The best game for a kid

This game has animals that you can invite to you’re island.

good game but wish there were more options for the characters

i’d love to see eye glasses for a choice to put on the characters

Perfect Time Killer

An amazingly done pocket version of animal crossing. Build your dream camp, customize your RV exterior and interior, and your character. While there are IAPs, the game does twist your arm at all into spending real money. On top of that the timers for building things for your camp are mostly one minute, with only the larger things taking several hours to complete. They pace the game reasonably, and don’t throw IAPs in your face every time you do something. The perfect example of how a mobile game should be done.


Good game! It’s almost the same as all the other animal crossing games and it’s great!

Lost its fun after tedious events.

This game used to be fun for me but lately it’s just gotten boring. I get it that the events aren’t suppose to be super easy but for the recent events, the spawn and catch rates are dismal. Before, I’d be able to finish all the task with helps from friends even if it’d be cutting it close to the end date. Now, I don’t even bother with it anymore. So many of my friends had abandoned their games because the events are getting increasingly difficult. I mean, out of my 20 plants, maybe 8-9 would spawn a bug and with the additional help of friends, I’d get up to maybe 15. Well, that doesn’t even matter because out of those 15, I got 3 successful catches. 3/15. That’s just ridiculous. So many of my friends stop playing midway through the events because they’re just tired and given up. Honestly, after this sunflower event, I’m probably going to stop playing also.

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