Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp App Reviews

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Animal Crossings IPad or iPhone

It moved a little slow at first, but new updates came along to make the game better. Sometimes it made the game a big fat zero. They’re trying their BEST to continually make it a better game/app!!!

So much to do!

I honestly thought the mechanics of the game would get tiresome after a while, but the developers are constantly introducing fun challenges and events that ensure I’m checking in every hour! I adore having a spin off of my favorite game series right on my phone 🎶😸

Gotten worse and worse

Since it's advent, lots of positive features have been added, sure. But also, the faithful players have been ripped off by impossible feat of collecting items without costing them a lot of real money. (A little cost would be okay) And with fortune cookies, you aren't even getting the item you need most of the time! The fortune cookies are a ridiculous amount of leaf tickets, the stamps are a joke, and since they came into the game I've become so frustrated that I hardly even play anymore. You had something good, and you got very greedy and ruined it. I'm just one in MANY who are fed up and have voiced their grievances. ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO US??

Tanks for Bugs and Fish

Hello, Animal Crossing crew, I would love to be able to put the fish I catch in tanks, as well as bugs. I don’t like having to sell the rare fish and bugs all the time. They also don’t sell well in the market. I like to look at them and would like the chance to put them in my camper. Thanks!


So much fun!!


I like animal crossing

It’s animal crossing, but it isn’t..



Play this game everyday multiple times a day!!!! I do have a suggestion though, I’d love if we were able to sell items other than fish, fruits, and shells! I want to sell items I’ve crafted and no longer have a need for that maybe some other people don’t have time/resources to craft. Also would love to be able to buy/sell resources in market boxes

Wonderful but 2 things

One please add zucker cuz he is my favorite villager and 2 when I try to get leaf tickets it glitches and it does not let me buy




Put the regular game in ios please i miss it and it would be amazing to have

Almost perfect

Overall I seriously love this game. I play multiple times throughout the day and I love that the developers are constantly updating the game and fixing minor bugs. My only complaints are that the game can not be played offline and that there are only 4 areas to interact with the campers. If there was a way to play this game offline without the social features (visiting friends, getting help with the quarry, etc) and there were a few more places on the map this game would be perfect.

Never played animal crossing before

Pretty good. Love it. Sweet game to play on the side


I absolutely love this game! It is relaxing, fun, ENJOYABLE. I also like how this app keeps updating and adding new things. Thank you guys for being productive and keeping us happy with constant up to date activities. Something I need to ask- if we could starts sending letters to our animals. That was my favorite thing about animal crossing.

Thank you

Nintendo this game is amazing. But I thought that you could add 8 bit events . Thank you P.s Finn

A few words before the update

Will we be able to change names I’ve been working on changing my nickname to my real name I’m not 100% sure if my Nintendo account is saving my games after trying to switch for different phones my account has issues please help

Fun but wish you could play without internet

Cute little game but you need internet in order to play

Sooo cool

I love this game

Love it!

It keeps me occupied and it’s amazing! I had the game on my old Samsung and I thought it was extremely boring because there was “to much words” so I ended up deleting it. But I decided to give it another chance on my new iPhone 8 (the phone I have right now) and I love it! All though it takes away a bit of storage and data it’s really fun!

This is grrrreat!

I love how it’s always teaching you the things so you don’t forget. I just wish it didn’t download so much and not teach you as much all the time, otherwise, great game!

please fix this big issue

THE LOG IN BONUS isnt working!!! it says i get prizes that i am not receiving at all and it doesnt even get into my mailboxes so therefor im not getting my bonus leaf tickets or my gold or my calling cards please fix this or alot of people wont play. !!!!

Worth playing

Am having a awesome time playing this game anyone who like to relax or likes animals like I do should give this game a try


Honestly, there is NOTHING wrong with this game! It’s cute, kid friendly, cute, fun, and did I mention cute? It’s too adorable and addictive! So, if your a parent looking at this because you’re not sure if it’s appropriate, ITS APPROPRIATE AND CUTE! Definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY... get this game!

Great not bad at all

I love the game because it is so fun and I just love the game to much i love itttttt love the game please love it is my birthday today too

Fun but...

Even when im in the same place where my WiFi is, the game’s like “an error occurred” and it’s REALLY annoying.

Terrible customer support

Customer support is terrible. Event items are hardly ever awarded. Rewards are inconsistent and far less they should be. Too difficult to level up.


Best game I’ve played in a while. Super fun and relaxing! I like how there is many ways to earn the leaf tickets so you don’t have to spend money to progress through the game which is what most games these days do unfortunately.

Best Game for iOS! #art #relax

It feels like you’re in heaven playing this game. It’s my favorite passtime! I’m a 28 y.o adult who is just mesmerized by nintendo’s ability to engage me in such a well designed experience for ios users. beautiful! it’s soooooooo relaxing. it’s like massage for your brain.


A fun game to play with, I enjoy meeting other players.

Love it!

This game is amassing in so many cute ways😉 I would recommend this game for kids 5 to 11

Love it but...

First of all I love this game and the characters in it, but sometimes it lags. I hope in the future you can fix this but overall awesome game.

AWESOME but.....

I love it!Just that sometimes it gets...boring.


well... I kinda have an obsession with this game I love it so much it is so fun to play so I do recommend this game that is why I gave it four stars!

Great Job

I LOVE this game even though I just started. Tbh, I love playing Animal Crossing on my Nintendo 3ds. Thank you for making this game. And the people who haven’t realized this yet, this game shows how creative we are and shows how to make new friends. Yet again Nintendo made another great game and I hope they won’t stop. Thx Nintendo. 😄😄😄

Errors but good

I just got this game I played it all day when I just got the second floor upgrade on my camper the screen went black and i was on my home screen for my tablet so I pressed the game it was on the loading screen and it took me back to my home screen after I waited a few seconds and the app said cleaning under it so I waited for it to get done cleaning I pressed the app again and it did the same thing sent me back to home screen so I cleared out my storage then tried again it still put me out on home screen PLEASE FIX THIS But overall I love the game but I have a suggestion can you make it so u can turn your character into any animal you want and all you have to do is put in the name of the animal but make so you can also change this PLEASE ADD THIS AND FIX THE BUG

Its so awsome!

I love this game it kinda makes me to adventure well i love it!!

Great but rewards problem

This game is charming and fun for all the reasons other reviews say. I'm really into and enjoy the special events but there is a problem. If you submit too many event fish at once so you pass multiple rewards requirements, it doesn't give you all the rewards but only one of them. So I got jumped past the coral table and am sad about it.

Fishing Tournament

I would have given this five stars. But there are so many bugs all the time. I’ve been awarded TWO tourney nets and they haven’t appeared in my game yet. I’ve already brought enough nets with leafs. I’m not spending anymore. Especially since I have two free ones that are invisible or something. It’s things like this that make a great game. Annoying!!!

Do you still have to start over???

This game is adorable!!!! But the only thing is that, if your not logged in, you cannot continue where you left off, please fix that!!!!


This game is fun I like how you can do so many fun things


Best of all

Chinese Version Please

Chinese Version

This game gives me life

I seriously love this game its so enjoyable and interactive it keeps you wanting to do more and more. Its perfect for all ages and just pure bliss

Level 98 thoughts.

I am currently level 98. So I have played this game a bit. It is pretty good. Inventory management is non-existent and leaf ticket only timed items are from the devil. Otherwise not bad.

It’s not gonna let me update

First, my mom has to do vertation before I can update the app.


It’s good, but it needs a museum like the original. It would be soooooooooo awesome with it. It’s still good though. I would buy it if I were you


I know people may dislike this game but I personally found a very fun with all the animals to visit an old events happening it was just really fun and it’s not a paid a win game well not really like Mario run was anyway.

The best camp game yet!

I love my new style and I love it! Also I got on level 99!

Animal crossing

Best game ever!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 To make it better let it be a Online multiplayer game

I love this game but one small thing

I’m okay with most things tbh I love this app but About the fish tourney I spent my 80 leaf tickets on the golden rod last time. I really would like if I could have kept it instead of having to get 80 tickets again..

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