Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp App Reviews

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Most recent update

I have both praises and critisms for the new update on the game. The positives are I love the enhanced graphics, the fish tournament was so fun, finally some new clothes to make, and more fish to catch. It was getting pretty boring catching 4-5 fish then having to wait forever for more or pay for a catching net. I am SO glad you made the change to allow watering a players plants at the same time! Now the not so great part. Shortly after updating the most recent version, it was a week or so ago in the middle of playing, the game went “under construction”. Shortly after updating the game crashes at least 2-3 times a day! Just last night alone w/in approx 15 min it crashed on me 3 times! And it crashed twice this morning already hence why I’m writing to you. First. I’m not sure if it’s because of the level I’m at, about (Level 70), but I notice the closer an animal gets to 20 the slower it takes for their hearts to fill. But I’m starting to notice recently when they get over 15-16 it seems like the level in their heart doesn’t move or barely moves so much that you can’t even see it. It seems impossibe to get the animals to level 20. The only reason I have as many as I do is because I get stuck at about level 17-18 and after fufilling their requests and not seeing much feedback or none at all I end up buying request cards just so I can keep requesting to get to Level 20. One last thing. I’m not sure it’s due to updated graphics or to the items in the fishing tournament, but I noticed it seems the campgrounds can’t hold as much at previously. I took notice of this when comparing the Ladybug Tournament vs The Fiishing Tournament. My campground held much more during the first tournament and during the time before then compared to now. II hope this gives you some insight and helps improve the game. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing it! It’s lots of fun and alllows time to get away the frustration of the hectic days. Thank you D Heaberlin

Love this game

They fixed the building materials gifted a bit which is nice to finally have some cotton to build with. Really loved the fishing tourney they added to the game. I would love to see a few more set pieces placed at the other camp spots, where you visit other animals. I don't know they just seem a little bare.


I love this game because it reminds me of my childhood. BUT it has shut my phone off 4 times this morning within a half hour. One of the times I was about to use a lake throw net. It took the net but gave me no fish. The fourth was just. Ow when I went to write “feedback” about what had happened. I was mid-type and the app shut my phone off.

Game keeps crashing

This game is amazingly fun but keeps crashing and turning my iPad completely on and off again. Please update and fix ASAP


A good hand held title by Nintendo bringing back nostalgia, giving gold gameplay, for free, and NO in app purchases? Seems like someone remembers how to treat their lady right!

I love it, but....

This game is so cute, entertaining and addictive. I play it on a daily basis. But ever since yesterday, whenever I am completing a camper’s request the app glitches and my cellphone turns off even if it has full charge. I do not understand why is it happening. I know you guys are busy, but can you please fix it? Edit: I still love the game and keep playing it daily, but it CRASHES at least once a day 😣

Animal crossing

If you liked animal crossing on Nintendo you’ll love this! It has basically the same gaming concepts with a bit better graphics, there are still a few things they need to add but so far I’m loving it!~ if you’ve never played animal crossing before this is a nice relaxing game with fashion, friends, furniture, outdoor events and more. Thnx for reading


I’m playing along and everything freezes. Then the tablet reboots. This has happened half a dozen times since installing this game yesterday.


I love this app soooo much! But, there are some glitches. Sometimes, usually at the river, the app crashes, restarts my IPod, and says it’s low battery. I plug in my ipod, and the charge is back to normal! Also, when stacking my fish tanks from the tourney, I go to a new location and come back. The fish tank is either (if they were stacked) inside the other one or (if it was on a table) inside the table. Wierd! But, i really love this app otherwise. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💓#PocketCamp #AnimalCrossing

New update is crashing the phone

My phone has been crashing non-stop since I updated this. Please resolve because the game is fun!

Amazing game 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

This game is SO cute and fun. You will love to play. I just started but I play it almost every day. THIS GAME IS AWESOME 😎


So, for a free game, this is a pretty good game. And I'm sure a large sum of people are much more entertained by it than I am. I am a HUGE Animal Crossing fan and I was super excited when I figured out they now had a free mobile app. But... I was a bit disappointed. It's a lot different from the original games and, for me, it's not a good different. If it were closer to the originals that I used to play on the GameCube and DS, it would be really cool. I'd love to be able to play the classic sort of Animal Crossing for free on mobile. So, this is a pretty good game by itself, but don't expect it to be too much like the original Animal Crossing. I quit playing this game because I just got bored of it, but I may try again later on if I see there's some big change made.


This game is amazing, brings back memories from the GameCube,Wii,DS And the 3DS

Please add new fish and insects!

That is all

Can you fix this?

I love this game! But whenever I change my character clothes and close the app my character change back to its previous clothes


Totally recommended if your an animal lover! It’s family friendly and tends to be really addicting! ☺️😅

Version 1.3.0 crashes hard!

I like the game and have played it a lot. The past two days since updating to version 1.2.1 it has crashed hard several times and caused the device (iPad mini 4th gen) to reboot. Hopefully this will be fixed soon! I’d give it five stars if it weren’t for the crashes. 1.3.0 still has the problem. Seems to happen most on the waterfall screen while I’m talking to the animals and fulfilling their requests. Sooooo annoying! Just dropped my rating down a notch.

Review on Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

This game is great! I love it and though it’s been out for almost half a year I am still excited every time when o play this game as I was playing Animal Crossing New Leaf! Everyday was a new thing to explore. Gather resources craft the furniture you want and also special events that make Animal Crossing Pocket Camp look like the best Nintendo Life Simulation yet!


Crashes more often with every update

Great game but it crashes a lot

I really like this app and I think it will be a lot better once the crashing problems are fixed. In particular, my game keeps crashing and restarting like bringing me to the Apple logo and restarts my whole phone. This happens a lot like a few times every time I play the game for like an hour or something.

Love the game - hate the crash

I’m level 75 in this Pocket Camp Animal Crossing game. I absolutely LOVE it! But ever since the recent update (over the last week or so), it crashes every time I try to use it! And by “crashes” I mean that the game will suddenly freeze and then my phone will totally restart. After it happening 3 times in less than 5 minuets of playing, I finally felt the need to write a review. I would like to note that this ONLY happens to my phone with the app open, not with anything else. I love this game, but it looks like I won’t be able to play it anymore without a bug fix. Super disappointed.

Not an real animal crossing game

Adorable charatars, I like that you can decorate your van, But its so repeated and you do the same thing over and over again Which gets really boring and dull. It doesn’t feel like an real animal crossing game, And this is sad. I thought it would be an real animal crossing game.

Love The Game, Phone Glitches

I don’t know if Nintendo doesn’t take into account poor people or if Apple just hates poor people, but ever since the recent Apple updates, this game restarts my phone within 20 minutes of use. Every. Time. In the past 24 hours, my phone has froze and restarted 4 times. It’s annoying, to say the least. I have an iPhone 6, not +, not S, iPhone 6. Ever since recent updates, my phone will freeze and restart. It was fine when the game was released, but Jesus, I am not used to this. The game itself is fun and lovable, but either Apple needs to help with this or I need a new phone. Other than the occasional freeze, this game isn’t enough to upgrade. My phone is fine.

Terrible programming

Game continually shuts down my phone. DELETED!

Animal Camp

Love it!! Addicting, fun, & cute!!!

Huge problem!

I have been a huge fan of animal crossing for such a long time. I love the pocket camp so much! It takes be back to my childhood, yes I am over the age of 18 now but it makes me so happy. Suddenly a huge problem has occurred. Randomly the game freezes and the while apple logo pops up on my phone. So literally my phone resets itself every time I play! It makes me angry and annoyed! Please see if you can fix this! Every other game I play does not cause this problem! I would hate to delete the game due to this reason... this is why I am only rating your game 4-5 stars.

Lots of Fun to be Had

I’ve been having a blast with this game, it took a lot of great features that were in New Leaf and made them better. It’s not the console game I’d hoped for, but the mobile game has been plenty of fun regardless.


I absolutely love this game but since the last update it randomly shuts my phone down in the middle of playing. Also I purchased 200 leaf tickets and didn’t receive them. It’s so aggravating because I’m so far and love this game😞

Market Place

I adore all the animal crossing games but the market place in pocket camp offers the worst selection possible. Would really love for friends to be able to go inside the campers in the near future.

Time waster, as it’s supposed to be

Pocket Camp is a game that I see as having “Nintendo Charm” along with all the terribleness of being a mobile game. However, despite being on mobile, the game allows users to feel like they have as much say as someone that chooses to pay their way through the game with real-world money. The game features a lot of collecting of usually useless items, to give it to helpless villagers. These villagers then become your friends, and after a lot of errand running and needless furniture crafting, they may go to your campsite. The benefits of them being at your campsite feel lackluster, however. It only allows you to keep your favorite friends to increase friendship rating, and has small effects on craftable items, from what I can tell. The game is little more than this, objective wise. As with many animal crossing games, the fun is what you put into it. If you enjoy dressing up a little avatar of yourself and placing furniture to your desire in an outdoor space, you will most likely enjoy the game more. If you are someone who wants the game to define where the fun lies, you will not like this game. The game feels in desperate need to either have more content or change its content. It feels very similar to itself, and becomes repetitive quickly. However, updates in the games future may change this. The current date is 3/18/18. The biggest reason I am writing this review is a crash. There is an area in the game with a river, and fishing in it, talking to an animal next to it, or sometimes just visiting this area can not only crash your game, but restarts your entire phone. Until this issue is fixed I would not recommend playing. It’s frustrating and sad for me to write a review for one of my favorite companies of all time that isn’t positive. Overall, this game will feel like a mobile game to those who have played other animal crossing games, and to those who have played other mobile games it will feel like a breath of fresh air, because of the polish and quality of the game. However, mobile does not look good on nintendo, as they purposely limit themselves to adapt to a market of purposely bad games. These two contradicting ideologies (to make quality games vs to make quick-buck games) clash and make an interesting mobile game, but a bland animal crossing game. I would hold off on downloading and suggest that if you want a full animal crossing experience, you should wait for the inevitable Nintendo Switch game. TL;DR, mediocre because it’s exactly what it wants to be, without being what the fans want it to be.

Great! A little tricky though....

I loved it (it was my first time doing animal crossing) great graphics and characters but wat was only OK about was that there were so many directions.... and controls.... and ECT.... anyway I do suggest get this btw it’s sooooooo cute! And u get to customize your house (campsite). #amazballs lol


I swear this is the best game i have ever played. No flaws just terrific

Game and Phone crashes in River area

I really love the game and have been addicted to it since its release, overall I would give the game 5/5. However I have been having issues whenever I go into the River area, when I go there and interact with the animal/ the visiting guest/ or even try to fish there is a chance that my game freezes and then crashes my entire phone causing it to restart. It happens more often when I try to speed through the interaction by tapping a lot, but that isn't an issue anywhere else in the game, so now I have to completely avoid the River area, Please fix this and I will happily give this game a 5/5.

Would give this 5 stars but.....

There is a horrible glitch. With the new updates from the last 2 months there is something seriously going wrong. The app will randomly freeze and RESTART yes RESTART not the app, but my phone! Kind of ridiculously annoying when I absolutely love this game and play it nearly all day. It’s making me reconsider even having it because it makes playing unenjoyable. I would otherwise give it 5 stars. I LOVE This game. If this is addressed, I would change my review.

A Problem with Crafting Materials

I’ve been playing this game since it came out, and for the most part, I love the nostalgia and the quests and the designing. I am having trouble with one part though: I am always out of cotton. Cotton is needed to design many things, yet animals who supply cotton never seem to visit. Not being able to design because of the lack of cotton rewards is really putting a damper on the fun of this game.


Love it

Going downhill

Down from 5 to 3 for the motors game alone. Too ridiculously stupid. Update: down to 1 for the stupid prices on the sea theme. A total of 1,050 tickets? Really?! $40 is how much you’d need to spend to get the full theme. I’d rather get a real game if I spend that much money; I’m not wasting it on an app.

Fantastic, but... One issue

I love Animal Crossing and I love this game, but when I play it, my iPad with sporadically restart. I don’t know why this happens, but it’s only when I use this app. I hope this gets fixed, but I love the game otherwise.

Recent update brings problems

I really love this game- however this recent update has left me with a game that closes almost constantly!! Every time I try to craft an amenity, or change clothes, or catch fish the game closes. Makes it impossible to play and enjoy it!!


Really a lot of fun!!!


HEY DEVELOPERS! The game is amazing. Love love it. I am on it daily. However, there is a MAJOR ISSUE when going to the lake. Every single time I go there, I walk maybe 5 steps and the game totally crashes and my iPad reboots. Since this occurs only when I go to the lake, this is not my iPad or internet. It’s a game issue. Please fix this bug. It’s VERY frustrating. Thank you, in advance.


I absolutely love this game. The artwork and graphics are so cute and welcoming! I'm currently level 43, so obviously I play a lot....maybe too much, but I always wonder how the other players/my friends are doing. Since theres no way of communicating I feel as I'll remain unanswered. This is basically just a melodramatic way of saying that I think adding message boards or a way to send little messages would be so fun and add a whole new dimension to the game!


Can you add running and slow walking?

Fun game, but caused iPad to reboot

The game is fun to play, but since the recent update, chatting with animals at the river frequently causes my iPad to reboot.

Good game

This is a good game! Unfortunately, the screen freezes up and it crashes every time I try to get a new animal in, and it restarts. Do something about it!

Good but a few features

Can you make an update where you can eat fruit and cook fish and eat it?

Love this game, but app keeps restarting my phone

I’ve been playing this game ever since it came out and I love it! I like that there’s different events almost every other week! My only complaint is that there has been several times where the app freezes and restarts my phone. (I have an iPhone 6 and all my other apps are functioning properly.)

Last update

I’ve been playing this app since it came out on my iPad. Without problems. Until this last update. Here I am, catching fish for the tournament, all silly nilly....and boom. iPad shuts off and restarts itself. So far, it’s happened 4 times today. I’ve tried updating my iPad, restarting it, reinstalling the app. It keeps happening. Otherwise...I love everything about this app. It is perfectly done. Except for the crashing.


Love the game

Slowly becoming money hungry

I’ve been playing actively since the release of this app, and with this new fishing tourney event comes the temporary offer to buy limited time terrain to match the theme of the tourney prizes. For the low price of 1050 total leaf tickets (just under 40 USD), you can buy all five pieces of this terrain to customize your camp. I have to say I am severely disappointed at these prices and will never be buying anything that expensive. I still enjoy this app, but newcomers be aware of what kind of money they are starting to ask for now. You can obtain leaf tickets through playing, but any free players like myself who are already over a high level, it becomes hard to keep up with the pace of this game without money. It’s Nintendo so go figure they would do this eventually, even on a beloved title like Animal Crossing.

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