Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp App Reviews

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I have ideas...😏

1>I think what would be cool is you could keep your fish is a fish take after you catch them-2>you can have a pet shop or something and you can have a dog or a cat or a Bunny etc and beds cages also they can follow you with a the game hope y’all definitely decide to add the pets and the pet stuff I want that so bad


My favorite animal in the game is Cherry. She is my new waifu. If you try to take her from me you will die slowly and painfully. I’m going to draw a lot of hentai of her. I might get more animal crossing waifus. I will draw hentai of them also. Cherry is still my favorite tho. Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Cherry Also the game is really good. ( ◠‿◠ )

love it!

It’s so fun and everything is just so cute!

Rip off

If I could give it no stars I would, this app was my favorite, I was super excited about the Stitches cookie that was released, even spending money to get leaf tickets to buy the cookies. To my surprise one of the last days the cookie was available, and one had spawned in the shop, I grabbed it quick with bells and when it opened it up I got the Large Patchwork Bear! I screen shot it because my collection was finally complete and I had finally gotten the bear, but guess what? The app crashed! No problem because it crashed once before on me when opening the cookie and I had gotten the same item when I opened it up. So wasn’t I surprised when I opened up the app and after it said my cookie opening will resume that it was a rug instead of the bear? Contacted support who basically told me oh well get over it.

Unexpected error?

I loved playing this game so much! However after December of 2017 I couldn’t play it anymore. First because it wanted an update that the app didn’t have. And now, it’s an unexpected error. Someone help! I have iOS 11 on an iPhone 6s

No Level Caps

No Level Caps Please I don’t like level caps Also make it possible to have a friendship level with Isabelle please she is kinda useless at the moment Thank

Amazing game jddjsksks

This game is a great way to waste your time 👌🏼😂 I’m in love with all the animals cuz djsjsk I’m an animal crossing fangirl uwu but..I rated this 4 stars because the game kinda gets boring after a while since you don’t really do much. It’d be cool if you could actually interact with your friends and possibly make it a multiplayer game. Maybe I’m just thinking that this game could be almost exactly like animal crossing 😂 cuz that’d be amazing. Having all the animals from that game come to this app. I’m kinda behind though. So I’m just going to say it here. I hope Champ (the monkey) gets added into this game. He is my ultimate favorite *^*

Love it, but please fix one issue.

In the My Nintendo section, where we can get 300 points each for linking to Facebook and Twitter, I haven’t claimed either reward because it won’t allow me to. But I have linked both my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please fix this. Thank you for a wonderful game!

Great Game!!!!🌸

I love everything about this game! I have a few suggestions though. 1: could you make so we could design or edit clothing. 2: More Animals! 3: could you make it so we can eat more than just fortune cookies. 4: could you make more lands to travel to. 5: could you expand the market place. 6: could you add little competitions with the other animals, like an art competition, but only with the animals, and the game will randomly choose a winner. Thank you!!! Keep up the good work!!

Back up frequently or you’re screwed

I played for only two weeks and lost everything to a crash. The game froze after the the opening screen, gave me the pink screen of death and was unrecoverable. My clothes, everything I had crafted, my clams and all the stuff at my campsite including all the special edition stuff. All GONE. Back this game up to your laptop if you don’t have a Nintendo account because all it takes is one glitch to crash the game and you have to start over at level one. I was at level 31 too with 27 animal friends. I’m not gonna bother starting over, RIP my campsite.

Cute Game - A Few Adjustments needed.

Really cute game! I came across this game from watching a YouTuber mention it and, decided to try it out. I like the different characters and, customization! The only thing is I wish there was more space for our camp. Your limited to a certain amount of space!

Good for the wait

This is really good when your waiting for Animal Crossing to come to the Nintendo Switch or just a good game to play when you’re looking to relax.


It’s soooooo much fun!!! I’m in love with it! My favorite part is the animals!!!! Also I love the way how they talk it’s so funny 😆

Y only 3 stars

This game isn’t good anymore. 🤔🤔🤔 It used 2 🐝 good.

Literally the best game app

Love this; makes me feel like I’m playing on my DS. I wish the campsite could increase in size instead of the camper though. There’s a lot of furniture and nowhere to put it

Not fun!

This game takes the original game and removes everything fun about it. You will NOT fish for all different types of fish, depending on time of year and time of day. You will NOT collect Dino bones or paintings. You will ONLY talk to people and fill their orders with 5 or 6 fish or insect types and fruit. The only original addition is breeding flowers...which is as fun as it watching digital grass growing. I was a huge fan of the original game on GameCube and this doesn’t even partially measure up.

Super fun and relaxing



I absolutely love this game! This may seem stereotypical, but it gives me something fun to do when everything else is boring.

Awsome game

Great game but can you make more like make new leaf or wild world v

Thanks for Animal Crossing Switch

bye bye

The fun!

It’s so fun I could play it all day!

Ooooooo myyyyyyyyy goshhhh this game is litttt

I always wanted to try animal crossing and I finally get to and I love it 🤩😁😂thank youuuuuu Nintendo 😁you guys deserve 5 stars

Great, but I have a few suggestions

there should be more room to decorate our camp. It’s literally so small. We need more room to place decorations seeing as there is a lot of furniture I keep in my inventory due to no room. This has also prevented me from really creating new furniture, seeing as I wouldn’t have room to put it somewhere. Also, we all know the drop rate of some items are terrible, so please implement a system where players can trade furniture and clothing with each other. Thanks


This game is honestly one of the best there is, keeps me addicted! The only thing I wish they had was trading with other players with furniture and clothing, so many of my friends have collectibles that I want and i things they want. If you could find a way to add that in, that would be great! Otherwise, amazing app!❤️

So much fun!!!

I love that i can play again i use to play the one for game cube. And i miss it so much, now i wish this one had more maps and places to go so it wont get. Repetitive and that will make it boring. I think the animals should have quest to give you should be faster to refresh. But so far i love this game now they need to make the gamecube version for the phone

Their fortune cookies are rigged

Don’t bother wasting money to try and get the special items out of the fortune cookies. Their percentages are rigged so that you will keep feeding them money but never get all of the items. I keep getting the same items over and over again. Just a huge waste of money.

I adore this game.

I absolutely LOVE this game! It’s so fun and I think it’s cute how most of the animals are from the Animal Crossing Home Designer game as well! I hope to see more games in the future like this. I just gotta day Thank you for making such an amazingly amazing game.

Wow such fun

It’s actually a game and not an advertiser hangout!

Pocket camp.

This game is super fun and cute. The daily goals keep me playing. It would be really awesome if we could trade furniture and clothes with other ppl please add that!

Súper Adictivo!!!

Super contento con el juego, recomendable 100%, jugarlo con amigos suma puntos.

Animal crossing

I love the game

Animal crossing pocket camp cool

Not bad


Amazing game, great game if your looking to pass the time, would strongly recommend to animal crossing fans. But it is hard to get leaf tickets without using money, is bearable though.


I DO LOVE THE GAMEE!!! BUT Y’all should make a dr. Mario game on iPhone


I have no just amazing, soothing, and of course relaxing! Literally would recommend to anyone!


This game is so addictive.Its my favorite part of the IPad. If you were not able to make this game I would be in tears.😢But thank goodness for that never happening!😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸👏🏻Anyway, this game is sooo fair!

So cute!!!

I love this game it has this way of cheering you up when you feel down but it wold be nice if the game had more places to go I feel scrunched in a box plz add some new space 😉


I love this app but I want to make a change its so if your animal friends go on the amenities and I want to go on it so PLEASE CHANGE IT NOW!!!

“Try moving to a location with better connection”

“Try moving to a location with better connection” this message has been bugging me every time I try to move to a new campsite. And NO, my internet connection is not weak. Every other app that requires wifi—youtube, gmail, safari—works fine, all except for THIS app. What’s going on? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten these kind of messages when I started playing this game, but now it’s just kind of ridiculous that I have to wait several minutes just to reconnect. What the hell.

Old days of Nintendo

I remember when I used to play animal crossing on Nintendo. I watched my mom play and I would sometimes play too. It was so fun to explore the city and buy items. There were bees then but now you don’t have to worry about bees. I LOVE it

I would love it even more

I would rate it 5 stars but I just wish that we could become animals as a character. Sorry if we already can but I’m not there yet.


Money hungry, and slow proggress. Don’t waste your time.

Duplicate Items are a Huge Bummer

I really enjoy this game. I get to decorate my campsite and wear cute costumes. The animals are cute and the crafting aspect is awesome. My biggest beef with the game is the game-within-a-game wherein players collect tickets from completing tasks to use to buy fortune cookies, which contain the very coolest and best furniture pieces in the game. The trick is, there are odds attached to the cookies. You could buy 20 cookies and get 20 duplicate items, instead of getting a nice mix of items. Getting the duplicate items is such a tremendous disappointment and really makes me hate the game. It’s just a blatant and shameless ploy to lure players into buying the tickets for actual money so they have a better chance of getting the items they want. It’s infuriating. I’d rather pay $1.99 per month to play the game and actually get the content than roll the dice and be disappointed time and time again by the odds process.

One request!

I would be cool if we could go in the tents like we were able to go in homes/cabins in the original Animal Crossing game for Nintendo gamecube. Otherwise I love this game, its great and almost exactly like the one that came out for gamecube back in the day.



Wooooo! Download now!

This is my FAVROITE Nitendo game! After Miitomo ended its service, I was playing this! If you want a god time, Download NOW


I love the items and the game in general!

So good to spend the weekend

My daughter loves it so much but she has to work on it so much so she can’t do other stuff but she loves it so much 🙂😃😀😘🤫🤗🙃🙂😀

Ridiculous and so hard to reach the goal💔🙁

Ive been planting the flowers but deadline is almost approaching and yet again its impossible to reach my goals... pls help me pls pls pls

legit perfection

wouldn’t change a thing, i’ve been waiting for animal crossing for iphone for as long as i can remember (10 or so years?) i’ve loved this game since wild world and i couldn’t be happier. I did get a bit stressed when the game kept coming up with new things, i didn’t have time to complete since i’m used to the stagnant nature of the OG animal crossing, but i’m starting to get more used to it and accepting that not everything can be obtained. i love it.

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